In the highly competitive online business world, to be successful is to be able to integrate the vital principles of e-commerce. One of the most important tasks you need to do in this context is to be able to create a successful website design Brisbane. As it is, there is a need to be able to develop and implement the three components of the design process into your website. These are web design in e-commerce, web development and web positioning (SEO).

Web design

Successful online businessmen and the experts are united in declaring that the process of web design in e-commerce is nothing short of hard. In examining the pages of your site, you need to try to find a way of exceeding your standards. This is easier said than done but it is achievable if you simply keep trying. One of the most important actions that you can do is to make sure you are using the most current technologies there are.

Creating your website that employs updated codes, user-friendly templates and responsive designs will help your users to view and load your site’s pages fast.

Web development

Your e-commerce website design needs that professional touch and nothing short. In a sentence, it is very impo9rtant that you make sure your website designers know what they are doing, and fully understand how your website compares with the others in the same industry. As some of the most important e-commerce solutions, your web designers have to know all the different languages, protocols, and even hardware types. The main idea is to create a web page that complies with modern standards, but can also run on some of the older computers.

Added to the older computers, it is vital to ensure that it runs on today’s mobile browsers (on smart phones and tablets). It is now essential these days to create a mobile-friendly website if you intent to generated more sales aside from the usual carriers.

Web positioning (SEO)

The optimization of your e-commerce website is the third component to take into account. SEO (search engine optimization) is the tool to use in driving traffic into your site. It is possible to convert that traffic into sales if you use the right keywords. Search engines are using page crawlers in indexing your pages with keywords. When choosing keywords, make sure that they are, first, relevant and are used as keywords specific to your product/s (or service/s).

With SEO, the following are some of the ways your e-commerce and design an effective and professional website.


Content is king, as had been proven in all of the online businesses from all categories. However, if you want to secure a place on the first page of Google search result (SERP), you need to use meaningful text with relevant keywords. An important consideration is that you have to use them on almost every page of your e-commerce website, especially the home page.

You need to do your best to provide just enough information that your prospective customers and Google crawlers will find useful. This is one way of gaining your customer’s trust and support.

Product descriptions

Since your website is going to be minimal (to avoid clutter) including texts, you have to use your product descriptions. This is to boost your e-commerce DEO.

Ensure that the writing is precise and understandable descriptions with just the right relevant keywords. Avoid stuffing your descriptions with keywords because Google will not understand them and may consider them spam. Even with minimal design, you can still achieve the proper and concise product details.

Image alt text

As they are, images cannot be crawled, but the texts can. Since your website will probably have plenty of images, you need to utilize the tile and alt text fields.

If you are using a lot of the same keywords for several different pages and images, don’t just copy your keywords. Instead, boost your SEO be describing your images properly.

You can use relevant keywords in these fields but you need to come up with some meaningful description of the same.


While you contribute to the creative and interesting user experience with minimal design and imagery above the fold, also take charge of the space below the fold.

This is one good way of balancing minimalism and SEO. In essence, you can add valuable and concise content.

Load speed

The use of plenty of high-quality images can slow down the load time of your website, especially those on mobile devices (phones and tablets).

Your website’s SEO rank will be determined by your site’s mobile-friendliness as well. You need, however, to carefully use these images. Maybe, you can reduce their sizes using available applications.

This is very important since responsive designs have their own advantages. The advantages include the following:

Visibility on mobile devices

The navigational improvement on your mobile devices (phones, tablets) increases the popularity of your web pages when viewed on phones.

This is a big factor to consider while looking to expand your reach and visibility. These days, more and more users prefer using the mobile browsing every day.

Conversion rate improvement

The rate of conversion dramatically gets boosted when you adopt the responsive design on your website (simple and easy navigation).

Your prospects will not have problems going through your website and browsing your online store. This gives them the time to make quicker decisions to take desired actions.

Costs / results

Adopting a responsive design for your website will basically get to reduce the time and effort needed to create separate website designs for every possible device. It also lowers maintenance cost.

With the use of a single e-commerce website with a responsive design, it is easier to analyze the results. There is no need to track the movements of the users, the routes, etc.

Improved SEO

With responsive designs, your SEO is improved. With SEO, there are many responsive design advantages that can be discussed.

On one side, Google rewards brands that make use of responsive designs (in mobile search results).

On the other hand, the focus on single design will provide for the designers the time to improve content strategies and SEO optimization. In addition, the fast load time with responsive design will be the key factor to help your website rates higher in the search engine (SERP).